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A Conversation with ... Angela Grahame QC

It’s a cold Friday afternoon in lockdown and I have the immense pleasure of spending it with Angela Grahame QC, via our newly found friend, Zoom. We reminisce about better times, when we could have met in person and had this conversation over a cup of tea and a slice of (possibly homemade) cake. It doesn’t take us long to start discussing some of our favourite, albeit debate-igniting subjects: Equality and Diversity.

Angela’s not your traditional Advocate, with the privileged upbringing destined to QC status. She comes from a modest, working class background, whose family members view her as a bit of an ‘odd-ball’.

“My mum thinks I’m an alien”. She tells me. “I really mean that. My family think I’m crazy”.

But that is Angela’s appeal, and in part, her success. It is why her role as Vice Dean of the Faculty of Advocates was so important, not only to her but to all women who will follow. Angela has a unique quality and talent that many perceive lawyers to lack: relatability and modesty.

When describing her biggest challenges as a successful female advocate, she looks to herself rather than the century old barriers that society has created. She states, “My own precon