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A Conversation with...Safeena Rashid, Advocate

While others were spending Valentine’s Day frantically searching for a last-minute card or overpriced flowers, I had the absolute delight of spending the afternoon catching up (virtually) with Safeena Rashid, Advocate.

We compare home offices and chat about working from home. Almost immediately, we’re discussing the various home offices some people have. I have to share the office space with my husband and granddaughter, with her “library corner” full of colourful children’s books. Safeena, on the other hand, is quick to admit she tactfully hides her washing before jumping on a Zoom call.

After a brief chit-chat swapping the latest details of our lockdown lives, I’m keen to learn where it all started for Safeena and how she entered the legal profession.

At school Safeena was heavily into science. She initially wanted to study medicine before deciding on a degree in Neuroscience. But then reality set in that she didn’t want to be in a lab her entire working life, so Safeena took a yea