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Leadership Profiling

Do you need to profile your leadership team?

Are you aware of your leadership teams strengths and weaknesses? Do you know where your team's skill gaps lie? Do you know what to do about the gaps?

At Diversity+ we are often asked by businesses to help them improve their D & I objectives. Our recent partnerships with organisations have highlighted one growing concern: businesses don’t know what skills they have and what they need from their leaders.

It would seem that too often leadership teams are put together haphazardly or have grown without enough thought given to how they will work together. This leads to individuals working in isolation and common goals being missed or worse, failing. Further complications arise when, due to a lack of direction and cohesion, team leaders branch out on their own creating mistrust and unhealthy internal rivalry.

It need not be like this. By introducing a few innovative techniques, leadership profiling can help you not only create a cohesive team structure but also plan ahead for growth and succession.