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What is Diversity+ and why does it matter?

What is Diversity+? Diversity+ is a service designed to help businesses find bespoke solutions to improve their diversity and inclusion goals and objectives. With lived in experience and acute commercial awareness, we are able to tailor meet companies individual needs focusing on long term, measurable outcomes. Our aim is to help businesses take bolder steps to create a long-lasting inclusive culture and to promote inclusive behaviour and workplace transformation.

Why does it exist? We know that attracting, growing and nurturing the best and most diverse set of people is the key to success for any business. Diversity of thought, opinion, experience and skills, will always produce better outputs, results, products and services. Scotland is behind the curve when it comes to workplace diversity, be it gender, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation. This needs to change, to ensure we not only attract but also retain the best possible talent.

Why does it matter? To enable us to be competitive, and now more than ever, to nurture talent and create future growth. Recent times have shown diverse teams to be better able to innovate and anticipate shifts in client’s needs and consumer patterns. The shift to technology-enabled remote working presents an opportunity for businesses to accelerate building inclusive and agile workplace culture while challenging existing, now outdated, management practices. Not least, a visible commitment to inclusion and diversity is likely to strengthen a business’s national and global image of fairness and social justice, something stakeholders have an increased awareness and demand for.

Who needs Diversity+? All organisations who believe improving diversity and inclusion is key to their success. In Scotland, we are being left behind. Not one of Scotland’s 48 listed companies features a person of colour on its senior management team and only 7% of equity partners in our law firms are female. This must change if we are to compete in global markets, stay ahead of the competition and better represent our clients. The business case for inclusion and diversity is stronger than ever, as is the moral need. What to learn more? Get in touch by using the link below.

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