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The World's 100 most Powerful Women

What are you doing to grow and support you female talent?

Last month Forbes published its 17th annual list of the "Worlds 100 most Powerful Women". Not for the first time, Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of Scotland, is featured in the publication. Like or loathe her politics, one thing is clear; her robust decision making and empathetic approach during the pandemic has won over the hearts and minds of many a doubter. For this alone, Scottish politics will never be the same.

The Harvard Review also published its research, titled "Women are better leaders during a crisis". Was there ever any real doubt?

In a year of extraordinary challenges, civil unrest, financial insecurity and economic turbulence, women have proved to provide much needed leadership with the added touch of reassurance and compassion. In the, not so distant, days gone by, such qualities were viewed as weak and 'un-leadership' like. Yet time and again opinion polls, research and results are showing the power of genuine emotion and compassion to win over not only hearts but also minds, most notably the minds of business leaders.

For generations we have had 'unleader' like female role models who have embraced and overcome challenges with the power of empathetic language and silent, often underestimated, actions. Role models such as Florence Nightingale, Evaline Hilda Burkitt and Fatima Jinnah, all of whom have left their mark on history, not to mention the less well known, Andree de Jongh, Rosalind Franklin and Gertrude Bell, but to name a few.