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We're one of Scotland's leading diversity and inclusion consultancies 

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Want to support our flagship project?

Look Up and Beyond

Look Up and Beyond is dedicated to better understanding the barriers preventing women from reaching leadership positions. We aim to find innovative and practical solutions for retaining and promoting female talent. 

But we need YOUR help.

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Diversity+ founder, Naeema Yaqoob Sajid, is a solicitor with over 20 years’ experience. She was a Partner at one of Scotland's top ten law firms, and is co-founder of The Scottish Ethnic Minorities Lawyers Association (SEMLA)..... 

Diverse people in a team

Our vision is to build a business sector which better reflects Scotland's population, multicultural society and diverse talent

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About Me

We provide a range of consultancy services designed to support businesses to be successful in their diversity and inclusion strategies. So whether it's starting from scratch and planning an approach, or increasing the success of an existing plan, we are there to help.

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"Diversity in a workforce offers up a diverse range of views, ideas and skills, the likelihood of reaching a wider audience and improving performance, but most importantly being better representative of those we all seek to serve – the public."

Naeema Yaqoob Sajid

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