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Covid Workplace Challenges - Past, Present and Future

What have we learned from 2020 that will help us in 2021?

The year 2020 will go down in history for its global pandemic and the consequences from it. Across the world, no one has escaped the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Communities and individuals have struggled with its effects in many ways and there is still hope that 2021 will be the year for recovery, or at least the start of it. But business and the economy have been hard-hit, and the fallout will affect us for years to come.

The vast majority of countries implemented strict lockdowns, and economies crumbled under social distancing and business closure disruption. Everyday working lives changed for many, and companies had to adapt quickly.

Alongside the coronavirus pandemic, several environmental, social and political crisis dominated the headlines and our lives. The Black Lives Matter movement stirred the world over, not only questioning deep-rooted racism within everyday culture but calling on governments, businesses and individuals to speak up and implement change. The bushfires in Australia caused environmental devastation and outcry, and the UK finally left the EU.