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July's Newsletter

Welcome to July’s Newsletter!

It’s been a busy month: organising events, preparing and delivering learning sessions and planning new projects, together with celebrating South Asian Heritage Month, (SAHM). Phew!

What is SAHM?

South Asian Heritage Month (SAHM) first took place in 2020 and runs from the 18th of July to the 17th of August each year. It seeks to commemorate, mark and celebrate South Asian cultures, histories, and communities, to better understand the diverse heritage and cultures that continue to link the UK with South Asia.

This year's theme is 'Stories to Tell' and at Diversity+ we are using this opportunity to raise awareness of the importance of cultural intelligence, or CQ, in the workplace. Check out our article here:

SAHM recognises the following countries as forming South Asian: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, The Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. However, there are countries within the region which are not formally recognised, such as Azad Kashmir, which deserve a special mention.

We are delighted that some of you have chosen to share your stories with us. Here is one from Jenika Karson, giving use a little glimpse into her colourful Indian heritage.

Stay tuned from more SAHM stories to come.



Exciting opportunities at Children and Young People's Commission Scotland

- Policy Officer

- Legal Office

Closing dates: 28th and 30th August

For more details, click on the link below:



Our members and followers need your help with gaining much needed work experience and opportunities to help them in their career journey. Please reach out if you can help.

"Hello, my name is Sultan TURUT BALIOGLU, an accomplished energy specialist with 14 years of experience at the Energy Market Regulatory Authority in Turkey. I hold degrees in Economics and Law and am currently pursuing an Energy Law LLM at the University of Aberdeen, funded by the prestigious Jean Monnet scholarship from the EU. I have a deep understanding of energy markets, market regulations, and the technical aspects that shape contracts. I'm eager to apply my unique blend of skills and experiences in a law firm within the energy sector in the UK. Besides, I've conducted academic research and undergone training projects within the hydrogen industry, particularly focusing on its regulatory framework in the EU and the UK and green hydrogen project development. I'm ready to settle down in the UK and to make a long-term commitment to my next role. I'm open to all opportunities and suggestions and would appreciate any leads or connections you might have. Thank you!"

“Hi, my name is Tanzeela and I will be entering my second year of studying law in September. I am an aspiring solicitor who is looking for legal work experience based in Birmingham.

I am enthusiastic about any opportunities that would arise for me to engage in legal work and I’m prepared to bring my many transferable skills, including collaboration, to the role. I wish to learn as much as I can about what is required in the workplace to help me with my future career in law.”

"My name is Royal. I am a passionate and driven individual seeking to make a meaningful impact in the field of immigration law. With a profound understanding of the obstacles faced by immigrants, I am dedicated to utilising my skills and abilities to foster a more just and equitable world. I have completed my studies at Cambridge University, where I focused on Philosophy and Metaphysics. Currently, I am pursuing a separate degree at The University of Edinburgh, studying law and international relations. I have cultivated a solid foundation in critical thinking, research, and analytical skills. Furthermore, through various work experience, volunteering, advocacy and personal exposure, I have gained insightful knowledge of the intricacies of the legal system and the specific challenges confronting immigrants. Equipped with this knowledge and experience, I am eager to contribute to a team committed to making a positive impact on the lives of immigrants and their families. I am seeking an opportunity to enhance my skills and contribute my expertise in this field."

Reach out to us, and our opportunities seekers, here:



With it being SAHM, we've been reading "Midnights Furies" by Nisid Hajari.

An account of the bitter events of 1947 that resulted in the creation of Pakistan.

'Nobody expected the liberation of India and birth of Pakistan to be so bloody — it was supposed to be an answer to the dreams of Muslims and Hindus who had been ruled by the British for centuries. Jawaharlal Nehru, Gandhi’s protégé and the political leader of India, believed Indians were an inherently nonviolent, peaceful people. Pakistan’s founder, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, was a secular lawyer, not a firebrand. But in August 1946, exactly a year before Independence, Calcutta erupted in riots. A cycle of street-fighting spun out of control. As the summer of 1947 approached, Hindus, Muslim and Sikh's were all heavily armed and on edge, whilst the British rushed to leave. Hell let loose. Trains carried Muslims west and Hindus east to their slaughter. Some of the most brutal and widespread ethnic cleansing in modern history erupted on both sides of the new border, searing a divide between India and Pakistan that remains a root cause of many evils. From jihadi terrorism to nuclear proliferation, the searing tale told in Midnight’s Furies explains all too many of the headlines we still read today.'

Rating: *****


What to learn more about what we do?

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