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International Women's day 2023 #Embrace equity from ghana to Glasgow

By Dorcas Baah

"We may not be where we hope to be, but we have made progress worthy of celebration"

If this article provides nothing but my quirky wit, I hope this undeniable truth will resonate with you. No matter how competitive and saturated the legal profession is or will become in the coming years, you bring something unique to the table. Any law firm, barristers' chambers or organisation would be lucky to have you; it is time you started acting like it.

Now that I have your attention, hello, everyone. I am honoured for this article to be featured for International Women's Day 2023. As an ode to my Ghanaian culture, which emphasises honouring pioneers and elders, I begin by paying homage to inspirational women like Lady Hale, Helena Normanton and Carrie Morrison, respectively, the first female Supreme Court President, practising barrister and solicitor in England and Wales. Being the first in any endeavour is an incredible achievement, but being the first woman is awe-inspiring because I can only imagine the barriers they have overcome on their journeys. I have no doubt that these women walked so I could run.