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Our experience and research has shown that widening access to the legal profession cannot be achieved by recruiting law students alone, if diverse talent does not make it to law school in the first place. That is a fundamental gap that needs to be filled and one-off, tick box initiatives are simply not enough to remove the systemic barriers that create that gap. Our young talent deserves and needs more … and that is what we aim to deliver. 

Through ‘Diversity+ in the Classroom’, provide bespoke and creative learning programmes for S4 to S6 high school pupils. In association with Developing the Young Workforce (DYW), these programmes will be created with the pupil and school’s specific needs in mind and delivered by relatable, young role models through the art of storytelling, experience sharing and information giving.  


Our programmes are designed with inclusion in mind from the outset and will be open to all pupils, regardless of background or aspirations. The objective is to demystify a career in law and advocate it as an industry open to everyone.

Diversity Plus brand background


Diversity Plus brand background


To deliver our programmes, help pupils and reach our objective of widening access to choosing a legal career, we need you. 

We are actively seeking legal firms wanting to support this project. Financial support is the most effective way of ensuring the project runs smoothly and reaches as many young students as possible. Firms are also encouraged to participate in supporting the students we are helping, for example by offering work experience programmes and access to their talent who are willing to share their insights and journey. Download the brochure below for more details or reach our to us at


We also need teachers and schools looking to help their students. All we ask for is your premises, interest and time. We will deliver the rest. You can download our brochure below for more details or email us at

The learning packages and materials may include, but are not limited to: 

  • One-hour introductory session for larger year groups – open to all 

  • Smaller in-depth learning session with materials designed for pupils who have expressed a wish to apply to study law

  • Individual support sessions designed for those who require assistance with their application or need guidance on an alternative route 

  • Support for pupils who wish to learn about alternative pathways e.g. what options and opportunities are available in the legal industry if you decide not to do a law degree.

Ready to get involved? Reach out to us today. 

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