Read what others' have to say about Diversity+

I am very grateful to Naeema for all the support and help she has provided me with over the course of lockdown, and I couldn’t recommend her services enough. 


I am currently at the start of my journey into a career in law, having graduated from the LLB last July. Naeema has helped me to navigate, what has been a very difficult job market, and more importantly, in recognising that there isn’t one ‘set path’ for a career in law. 


I think for a lot of people, in the legal sector, there is a pressure to reach certain career ‘milestones’ by a certain age, or to fit a mould we have created for ourselves based on our perception of others in the sector. This is what makes the concept of diversity so important to me, and Naeema’s conversations with some of the most accomplished members of the legal profession have helped to really bring this to life. Diversity+ makes it clear that success in the legal sector comes in all shapes and forms. 


Naeema is a fantastic mentor, and her advice and support are second to none. Whenever I’ve approached her for support, and particularly when I have tight application deadlines, she has made time there and then to provide me with detailed, tailored advice, that I can apply going forward. She has helped me to identify opportunities, address my weaknesses, overcome barriers, and celebrated my successes with me. 


I would encourage anyone considering Naeema’s services to do so. She is very approachable and can provide support you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. 

'Thank you to Diversity+ for taking time out to speak with me regarding concerns about my future plans/place as a solicitor in Scotland. I found it incredibly insightful. As a junior member of the legal profession, it can be difficult to find someone to turn to. I encourage BAME members within our profession to contact Diversity+ about any advice/queries you may have. Diversity+ is a confidential platform - please utilise this!'